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Apparently, Marylou and Michelle have established a new tradition – the ‘new kid on the block gets to write the message from the NFH team. I guess that’s me, as the new coordinating editor of the NFH. However, it may be important to note that I am not exactly the new kid on the block.About a year after the paper started, Michelle hired me to do invoicing for advertisers. After awhile, she gave me the task of selling ads to Falcon businesses. If I’m being truthful, this was THE best job of all. I got to visit all of the businesses in Falcon and talk about anything at all – eventually getting around to advertising. This was living. I must have been having too much fun, because Michelle then found some real ad sales people, and I was moved to the back office again. From that point on, I have been handling bookkeeping, invoicing and whatever else needs to be done.Before my experiences with this publication, I have worked in various business environments in different capacities, including human resource management, marketing communications, research and two small newspaper publications as a contract writer.On a more personal note, I have lived in Colorado since I was 14 years old, except for a short four years in San Diego. I have been married to one of the good guys for almost 25 years and have a 14-year old daughter that any parent would be proud of. Most of our family lives in Colorado, although I have a sister in Connecticut and a brother in California.Fortunately for me (and this paper), Marylou will be staying on for as long as necessary to assist with editing and writing. I take great comfort in that! I can also say that it is an honor to work with such a professional and talented team of writers. I offer good organization and management skills to the paper, but will aspire to be as good a writer and editor as the staff I will be working with.And, please, send me your comments (especially the good ones), story leads, rumors and anything else you think we need to know. My e-mail is, and my direct phone is 719.487.8037.-Deb Stumpf for the NFH Team

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