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The past few weeks have been, to say the least, hectic. In early September, we mentioned in “From the team” that my dad, Vince McConnell, was in the hospital recovering from surgery. After a seven-week stay, which was longer than anticipated because of complications following surgery, I’m happy to say that my dad is back home again and regaining the weight he lost and rebuilding his strength.It’s hard enough balancing a family life with a business but a crisis can really throw you off kilter. Many business owners understand when I say that we don’t have an option to call in sick or ask the boss for some time off. No matter the situation, it’s business as usual, and sometimes finding the stamina to keep going is tough. When we’re faced with the unexpected, we’re battling time constraints and often trying to keep our emotions in balance. We can’t let down our guard as a business owner – not for a second.But somehow it all seems to come together. Life happens, and we are adaptable beings. We get through the down times, and often when we look back we forget about the craziness and the lack of sleep and food. It’s like having a baby. We forget about the pain when we’re joyful about the outcome.I’m joyful that my dad’s OK; I’m joyful that my family made it through, despite my feelings of neglecting them; and I’m joyful that I have a great NFH team that picked up the slack. Thank you, team!With that said, I hope you enjoy this issue. Be sure to read about the school district’s board of education candidates and congratulations to the Falcon High School football team. What a great effort on their part.– Michelle & the team

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