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The history of Falcon is fascinating. It began in the late 1880s as just a crossing point of two railroads. Less than 10 years later, it blossomed into a small town on the eastern plains.After reading descriptions of Falcon’s early beginnings at, pictures of Little House on the Prairie’s Walnut Grove came to mind; complete with a school, a blacksmith shop and a couple of general stores.Today, Falcon has grown in both a residential as well as a commercial aspect, with many modern conveniences. But what’s missing? A community center? A movie theater? More restaurants?This month’s Streetwise asks the people of Falcon what’s on their wish list of things they would like to see in this small but growing community.

Diane Vigeant
Falcon needs a place for small group gatherings, but not for commercial purposes. Some place where people can get together and visit or where there can be acoustic music jams.

Brandi Cole
A Wells Fargo bank. I dislike commuting to get to one. Oh, and a real Starbucks. Like an actual store you can go in.

Tiffany Brewer
Texas Roadhouse. We need a good steakhouse.

Matthew Heitman
A zoo, then we wouldn’t have to travel so far into the Springs. I like to look at the giraffes – they’re my favorite.

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