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Falcon Feed Store reopens as delivery service

David and Tiffany Joseph closed their storefront business on Highway 24 in Falcon, Colorado, near Judge Orr Road in February 2014. In January, the Josephs started anew, opening a feed and hay delivery business, Falcon Feed Delivery.ìWe missed everybody and missed serving our customers,î said David Joseph. ìWe were hoping we could open somewhere else, but the rent was going to be high anywhere we looked.î Tiffany Joseph had the idea of reopening as a delivery service based on some half-joking comments they received from their regular customers.ìMany times, we had customers tease us; saying, ‘Can we take you home to unload it,’ so that’s where the delivery idea came from,î David Joseph said. ìNow, we’re able to deliver product to our customers so they don’t have to come out to the store to load and unload themselves.îFalcon Feed Delivery offers free delivery for orders over $50 within Falcon and Black Forest, with $1 per mile for more distant customers. ìOur prices are still competitive with other feed stores, and most times we’ll beat them,î Joseph said.

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