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Coffee cafe ó classes available

Learn to ìcoffee cupî or bake at high altitude at R&R Coffee CafÈ in Black Forest. The cafe is offering a variety of classes at no charge or for a small fee.Classes include tutorials like coffee cupping (free), where you learn to pick up the subtle flavors that enhance every cup of coffee ó the class is offered at 4 p.m. Mondays. With a trained nose and palette, participants can begin to detect blueberry or cocoa notes in various coffees.Besides baking at high altitude, other classes include opening oneís own coffee shop and roasting coffee beans at home.Ryan Wanner, owner, said he has people interested in all of the classes, but the baking ones are filling up fast. ìIt doesnít surprise me at all,î Wanner said. ìMany people have a hard time baking at high altitudes.î Ten slots are available for each baking class because of the size of the kitchen at R&R. Also, one big plus is that the students can take home everything they bake, which could include cinnamon rolls, homemade bread or decorated cakes.Check out R&R classes on their website, and more classes are in the works. ìYou can sign up in the store, over the phone or usually we can accommodate walk-in folks,î Wanner said.

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