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Both Men are Patriots

Although the primary will take place before the NFH is on the stands, this is one personís thoughts.I see the sign slogan around El Paso County district 2 from Tim Geitner that he is a ìPatriot not a Politician.î†I would like to set the record straight on that slogan the candidate is using.†I had the honor of serving at the White House from 1983 to 1999.†I believe I can give a perspective to the statement or slogan used by Mr. Geitner.†There are many parts of politics.†There are many moving parts to the machine. You have more working behind the scenes than those who successfully win elections.Mark Waller ran for office, won, served as a representative and successfully put forth legislation that promotes Republican principles.†Mr. Geitner was also in politics, but he chose a different path.†As a legislative analyst, you promote principles to the body of representatives or individual who asked you to advise them. An analyst is still a politician; however, he does not have to answer to any constituents, nor does he have a record on moving legislation in the best interest of his constituents. †I would ask Mr. Geitner to stop using the slogan. Tim Geitner and Mark Waller are both Patriots and both Politicians.- Bill Althoff†SCPO USN retArmada Bay Equestrian CenterPeyton

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