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Black Forest News changes ownership

As of Aug. 1, Ron and Cindy Richardson are the new owners of the Black Forest News ó a longtime Black Forest newspaper started by Judy von Ahlefeldt.Cindy Richardson said the transaction happened quickly after her husband, Ron, stopped by the Black Forest News office to place a month-long ad for his contracting services. Von Ahlefeldt told him the paper would not be around for another month if the newspaper didnít sell. She told Ron that she had a potential buyer but wasnít certain it would go through.ìRon told her if it fell through to let him know, because he was interested as well,î Cindy Richardson said. ìHe is a smart aleck, and said he would barter for it.î And he did. Von Ahlefeldt traded her newspaper for a barn that Ron Richardson will build on her property (she had lost both her home and barn in the Black Forest fire).Although her husband sealed the deal, he told Cindy she would have to run the newspaper. So far, she has enjoyed their new venture.ìWe got some new subscriptions at the Black Forest Festival,î Richardson said. ìWe are trying to become part of the Black Forest community; it is a little hard being so far away at the moment.î The Richardsons live in Brighton, Colorado, but hope to move to Black Forest soon. However, Richardson said the rental market is lean right now. The coupleís six pigs are also hampering their move. ìPeople donít want to rent to us because they think the pigs will be loud and messy,î she said.Richardson said they plan to keep the Black Forest News a weekly newspaper ó at about 12 pages, with a goal to reach 16 pages. Currently, Richardson is trying to drum up more advertisers.ìThe only changes at the moment is that I think the masthead might change; I think we are going to lose the squirrel,î she said. Having no experience in the newspaper business has been a challenge, but one that Richardson said she welcomes. She also plans to add a ìletters to the editorî section and a ìmischiefî section with information from the fire and sheriff departments. ìThere are a lot of stories out there to be told,î Richardson said. ìI want the community voice to be heard. I want to hear their feedback and opinions.î

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