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Black Forest home sales increasing

For sale signs in Black Forest have steadily increased since 2012, and Mark A. McWilliams, broker manager at RE/MAX Properties Inc., provided the data to back up the trend.From April to June 2012, 106 homes went on the market. During the same period in 2013, 121 homes went up for sale. In 2014, in April and May alone,154 homes were listed; and, in June (as of June 22), another 28 homes had been added to the market. Greg Howard, broker for Red Boot Realty, said last yearís fire in Black Forest is one reason for the increase.ìA couple things happened. No one put their house on the market (immediately after the fire),î Howard said. ìThey didnít know what to do. Because of the fire they just put everything behind. I know people who have just gotten back in their house a year later. We had kind of a wave buildup, with people saying Iím ëgonna doí this later, later, later; so we have more because of the buildup.î Howard said some houses wonít sell as fast as others, which also contributes to the buildup.McWilliams said another reason for the increase could be a better selling market. Between 2012 and 2014, the median price of a new listing has increased. ìThe market has improved, and these people are going to be able to get out of homes that they havenít been able to get out of before,î he said. ìThe market has improved in that area (Black Forest). The average price was $473,000 andnow itís $490,000. Thatís substantial for a lot of these homes that werenít going to sell or werenít going to go for enough to clear (the mortgage).îìPrice is king,î Howard added. ìMy thoughts post fire are that some of these houses they are building and are clearing ó and clearing well ó will actually be sought out. The people who do a good job with their clear cutting will see a good return.î Howard said in the past, many people looking for homes wanted mountain views in Black Forest. With the clear cutting, now they can have those views. ìThe new growth is looking pretty decent,î he said. ìMy personal opinion is that itíll be good for the forest, as far as real estate goes.î

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