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AARP Black Forest

The November meeting of Black Forest AARP Chapter 1100 honored all veterans and the widows of veterans, and members and guests of the chapter at the meeting were especially identified.† † † † †The meeting also featured an update on veteransí affairs by Carl McDaniel, a veteran from the El Paso Veteranís Affairs Office.†Mr. McDaniel brought the chapter up to date on recent changes to veteransí benefits and affairs, and suggested that vets visit his office to†review their eligibility for disabilities compensation and to possibly receive assistance for medical prescriptions. He also answered†questions from the membership.† † † † †After a catered lunch, the business meeting featured the AARP Colorado Chapter Cup for Community Service Award Chapter†presented to the Black Forest AARP Chapter 1100. This is the eighth consecutive year the Black Forest chapter has been designated the best of Colorado in this†category. The award includes $250 that can be used by the chapter at its discretion.Drawing for door prizes an an enjoyable afternoon of socializing followed the meeting.† † † † †Individuals interested in visiting or joining the chapter should contact Chuck at 719-749-9227 or Stan at 719-596-6787. Information on†Chapter 1100 can be found at All are welcome,†regardless of age.†

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