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You are what you eat

Ah! The dreaded question that every person has asked at some point: “What’s for dinner?” Wouldn’t it be nice just once to say – ice cream! Well, mark the calendar because May 11 is “Eat What You Want Day” so this month’s Streetwise question addressed the following: If you could eat whatever you wanted (setting all cost – and more importantly – calories aside), what would be on the menu? Check out what four people said, but be aware that the answers could make your mouth water.

Moe Bouchy
Colorado Springs
Sushi from Tomo Sushi on Galley and Academy, and Italian ice cream from Rizuto’s (Ice Cream and Sweet Shop) on Oro Blanco and Barnes

Dr. Hal Whitney
I would wake up with a glass of orange juice, a bowl of peaches and wheat toast. That’s breakfast. For lunch, I would have something Mexican. A bean burrito smothered with green chili, lettuce and cheese, and a Hershey’s almond bar for dessert. For dinner, I would have a 12-oz. rib-eye cooked medium rare, with some sort of dinner salad and asparagus, and for dessert a piece of lemon cake.

Roberta Millard
Sushi from AI Sushi (and Grill) on Centennial and Garden of the Gods.

Cassie Hammack
Colorado Springs
Steak and lobster: I’m not sure where I would go to get it, but that’s what I would have.

Fun food facts:
  • The world’s longest sushi roll measured 328 feet in length.
  • Twinkies are about 68 percent air.
  • Krispy Kreme makes about 5 million doughnuts a day in its North American stores.
  • In 1886, its first year in business, Coca-Cola sold an average of nine bottles a day. In 2000, people in more than 200 countries drank almost 571 million servings of Coca-Cola in just one day.
  • Depending on how it’s measured, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is 4,200 feet – or 28,800 Oreo cookies – long.
  • On July 4, 2006, Takeru Kobayashi won the International Hot Dog Eating Contest for the sixth year in a row. He ate 53 3/4 hot dogs (with the buns) in just 12 minutes – more than one wiener every 15 seconds.
  • Americans eat about 100 acres of pizza a day. That’s an average of 350 slices per second.
  • Three jars of peanut butter are sold every second.
  • Americans eat almost 20 billion pickles per year. That’s more than nine pounds per person a year.
  • The average American eats 24 pounds of cheese per year. That’s nothing compared to the French: They eat 43.6 pounds of cheese per person, per year.
  • There are at least 1,462 edible insect species in the world.
  • In Japan, you can taste some unusual ice cream flavors; including horseradish, crab, squid ink, buttered potato, ox tongue, cactus and chicken wing.
Source: “Uncle John’s Did You Know”

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