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Gone are the days of a solitary news source. Today, there are many news avenues so where does one go?The first mass-produced form of news was the newspaper, beginning with the Boston News Letter, published April 24, 1704. Fast forward to modern day and newspapers have evolved from single sheets of black and white newsprint to full-color digital. Although some people still prefer the newspaper as their primary source for news, there are plenty of sources from which to choose: radio, television and the Internet.How do people determine their choice for news information? Is it based on convenience, accuracy? This month’s Streetwise question: What is your main source of news, and why?

Brenda Ellis
Fox news. I watch it because it is fair and balanced.

David Aguilera
I watch TV – a local news channel – the morning news on Fox or whatever I can watch before I come to work.

Jayme Starr
Colorado Springs
I watch the news (KOAA) in the mornings when I get ready for work, mainly for the weather. But I’m also checking the news on the Internet (AOL) throughout the day so it’s probably a tossup.

Beth Barnes
Well, I don’t live out here (Falcon), but I usually pick up the free local papers – the ones at the Diamond Shamrock. It’s (NFH) a good paper.

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