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What would you bring?

Tom Hanks had Wilson. Robinson Crusoe had Friday. And Gilligan had the Skipper. But what do they have in common with four people who live in Falcon? For this month’s Streetwise question, four local people put themselves in the shoes of those characters for a moment by answering this month’s Streetwise question: “What three things would you bring with you if you were to live on a deserted island?”Although none of them mentioned joining the Professor in making a coconut phone, each one came up with some clever answers. So, just sit right back and read a tale – a tale of what four Falconites would bring with them if they were headed for a deserted island.

James Sellman
I would take food, water and a satellite phone.

Lisa Pleinis
I would take my camera. And I would bring my husband because I would probably get pretty bored by myself – and my Bible – that would keep me busy.

Laura LaRose
I would take my kids, my husband and cold bottled water. We went on a cruise and they never had any cold water; that was kind of irritating. So, I would definitely bring cold water to drink.

Diane Erickson
I would bring my horse, my dog and my cat. They are my best company. They don’t talk back.

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