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The root of stem cell research

Marie Curie once said, ìNothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.î Curieís quote is fitting for the controversy that has surrounded stem cell research. Do people truly understand the concept of stem cell research, or are they simply afraid to learn about it?Stem cell research went into full swing when researchers discovered that stem cells could be removed from embryonic tissue to regenerate new cells. But when stem cells are taken from an embryo, the embryo can no longer be implanted into a womb and develop into a fetus.For some, to knowingly damage an embryo to remove stem cells is unthinkable and essentially taking a human life. But others see this type of research as revolutionary and an alternative solution for debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimerís disease and Parkinsonís disease.Within the last several years, scientific interests also have focused on adult stem cells, which are derived from adult tissue samples.This monthís Streetwise posed the question: ìWhat is your opinion on stem cell research?î

Ione Friedly
There are definitely pros and cons to it. One of the cons is if there are any cancer cells then you donít want to use it because it will just regenerate more cancer cells. But the pro is that it regenerates new tissue. But then it only works for specific cases.

Grant Suto
Rocky Ford
I think it can help society in the medical fields. But it does have its drawbacks like anything else. It needs to advance a bit more before it is used. Youíve got to want to do it. If it came to that point, I personally wouldnít do it.

Jean Williams
I am all for stem cell research because I think it will help children and adults with diseases where there is no other solution at this time.

Beth Montoya
Colorado Springs
I donít know a lot about it, but I think it could be good in helping cure many diseases. But I think it needs to be carefully monitored so that responsible people are making the right decisions.

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