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The Purple Toad Social Tap & Grill

More people are calling the Falcon area home. Based on the number of cars crammed into the parking lots of local restaurants at peak hours, many residents enjoy dining out. But where to go?

The locally owned Purple Toad Social Tap & Grill opened in mid-September in the Shops at Meridian Ranch. Online reviews during the first few weeks were somewhat mixed but trended mostly positive as staff worked through the bumps that accompany any new venture. Whatever they are doing seems to be working, because the Purple Toad is already a hopping spot. Is it the food? The service? The giant, yellow-eyed namesake watching patrons eat, drink and having a good time?We say ìyesî on all counts.With more than a dozen flat-screen televisions, the Purple Toad is well-equipped for game-day gatherings. However, the food menu transcends standard sports bar fare with ìchef-inspiredî appetizers, flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and full entrees. There are vegetarian options, a kidís ìtadpoleî menu and a weekend brunch menu.On a busy Friday evening, our group only waited about 15 minutes before being seated. Even though our server handled multiple tables, she was always cheerful and attentive. Orders arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The only downside: When the restaurant is crowded, the acoustics of the industrial-style high, metal ceilings can make conversations challenging, especially for those who are hard of hearing.Adult beverages include select cocktails and various draft and bottled beers. We tried the Pineapple JalapeÒo Margarita. The sweetness of the pineapple blends with the spicy pepper in a burst of flavor that can only be described as ìdifferent.îWe all liked the Cheese Curds, nuggets of Wisconsin cheese goodness with a light, crispy breading. Some in our party enjoyed Toad Kickers, aka jumbo frog legs, also with crisp breading and served with Creole honey mustard. The bacon-wrapped jalapeÒos stuffed with chicken, known as Poppers 2.0, were tasty and mild, but the bacon overshadowed the other flavors. The accompanying warm three-cheese dipping sauce, however, was heavenly.The Tuscan featured a basil pesto that was pleasantly tangy but not bitter, grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella on crispy flatbread. We also enjoyed the Pork & Peach flatbread, topped with braised pulled pork, caramelized peaches and cotija cheese. One member of our party felt a little more peach would balance out the savory pork.Everyone in our group gave a thumbs-up to the Meat Lovers Pizza, with its perfectly baked crust, fresh marinara and mozzarella and nice balance of Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni and bacon.The Buffalo Slopper was an open-faced ground bison patty topped with cheddar and smothered in green chile. While the meat was moist and properly cooked, the person who ordered it thought it may not have been the right pairing for the mild green chile, which was rated only average.The King of Philly Sammie boasted chopped prime rib that worked well with the onions, peppers and Swiss cheese. The French roll was soft and fresh, and the accompanying tater tots were crisp and not greasy.The Bone-In Pork Chop was thick, moist and tender despite being slightly over-grilled on one edge. Maple glazing offered a sweet counterbalance to the pork, but was mostly lost in the grilling process. The mashed potatoes and fresh green beans were well-seasoned and flavorful, but a little salty.Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this visit is the staffís willingness to work hard and ensure guests have a great experience. One of the managers came by to solicit feedback, returning later to say she and the chef concurred with our observations and would be making some adjustments.Yummy food and drinks. Reasonable prices. Taco Tuesdays. An over-sized purple toad holding court. What more does one need for a night out in Falcon?

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