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The next 100-plus days

“Housing Values Continue to Plummet.” “Thousands Still Without Health Insurance.” “Economy at Worst Since Depression.” Those are just a few examples of headlines that readers come across almost daily.Not to mention headlines relating to conflicts involving Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Korea. After reading news like this, one may think things look hopeless. Although the “fix it” list is long, the president is confident he can turn things around. Or can he? How does the American public feel? The latest Gallup poll reports that 66 percent of Americans approve of how President Obama is handling his job. Does that include people living in Falcon? Read below to find out how four local residents rated President Obama on his first 100 days and what they anticipate in the next 100.

Jeff Scott
I expect the same, which is nothing. A lot of lip service.

Charles Martin
I expect the same or worse. I don’t see a lot of progress. Nothing has happened and he shouldn’t have given that money away. We’ll never see it again.

Alfred Martin
Inflation. You can’t spend trillions of dollars and spend your own money and not expect inflation. It’s historically impossible.

Bob Schmac
If I could sum it up – more actions (like the first 100 days) will lead us toward socialism.

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