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El Paso County Colorado District 49

The Imagine Classical Academy at Indigo Ranch setting the bar high

It is on the heels of a fantastic journey that we celebrate the astounding accomplishments of a little known but often seen group of kids. The Imagine Classical Academy at Indigo Ranch has been a fixture of sorts for more than a year. Many have driven by and wondered but have never really known what or who was there.We are located near Woodman Road and Black Forest Road in a small group of modular trailers. In that small group of trailers is a fantastic group of teachers who, with the help of a dedicated group of parents, exceptionally educate an extraordinary group of kids.The Imagine Classical Academy at Indigo Ranch is one of the 73 schools across the country that is part of Imagine Schools. Imagine Schools is a dream that came to fruition by the founders, Dennis and Eileen Bakke. There is no single, best curriculum endorsed by Imagine Schools. Each school community has the ability to decide what is best for each school at the point of development. The overall best curriculum decided upon by our team was Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence content, delivered using a classical approach. The curriculum is not novel or even new. But it is delivered with a passion that represents the joy of teaching carried by every teacher.The one leveler of all schools that has lately come to the front of the line is the economy. It has affected every aspect of public education. If you have a student in a local school, you have no doubt noticed the tightening of the belts around the district. You have heard or read about the state taking back some of the operational dollars, leaving the schools without some of the essential resources. We, as a school, are dependent upon those same dollars for our operational expenses; and, as of yet, we can’t take advantage of bond measures or mill levy increases. I have not said that to complain; I said that because we are doing much more with less and are succeeding in ways that we never could have conceived.If we look at the past year, with all of its challenges and successes, a reasonable question is “Where are we going now?” Well, with a fantastic, multi-million dollar new school almost complete; our third graders performing at a record-setting level; and fantastic parents and staff; all we can do is keep doing what we are doing.It appears to be the type of environment that promotes a healthy appreciation for education, generates constructive character education habits, develops a connection with the community and involves the family in all these mind-enhancing activities. We do this by setting the standards high and helping the student to achieve short-term attainable goals that lead to long-term success. Whether in math or music, language arts or fine arts; there is someone to assist your child with reaching the highest summit of their education.

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