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According to the El Paso County County Clerk and Recorder’s office, records show that 242,888 voters turned out for the November 2004 election, compared to the 154,764 voters in November 2002.Although local voter turnout increased, the national level voter turnout has diminished.The media reports that voter turnout is rapidly decreasing, especially when it comes to newly registered voters ages 18 to mid-20s.Many of the young voters and the old feel their vote doesn’t count. What’s the point of a democracy if people don’t vote?Here’s what the people in the Falcon/Peyton area had to say about why voting is important.Jennifer Deans, Falcon: (We must vote) because the environment needs to be protected. We (Colorado) are one of the main water supplies and that needs to be protected.Jerry Gonzales, Peyton: I vote all the time, and, other than it being our civic duty to vote, it is our opportunity to have our voice heard.Jennifer Lavrenz, Falcon: (We must vote) because our opinion matters, and if we want to complain about something or if you have an opinion on something then you need to vote.Jody Tieken-Holecek, Falcon: (We must vote) because we are a democracy, and if you want to have a say in who leads this country or who is on the city council or who is a county commissioner, then you need to vote. Put up or shut up.

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