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What makes a great president? Some may say flexibility and courage. Others may say self-confidence or self-control. And what about intelligence and morals? The list could go on and on. Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “A president’s hardest task is not to do what’s right, but to know what’s right.”With less than a month to go until the 2008 presidential elections, the question that weighs heavy on the minds of most Americans is who’s the right person for president? Is it Sen. John McCain? Or is Sen. Barack Obama the better candidate? And what about Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin? Do they have what it takes to be vice president? It may be unrealistic to think that there is one perfect person to fill the job of president of the United States. And even more unrealistic to think there is yet a second perfect person suitable for the job as vice president. But this month’s Streetwise question gave people the opportunity to create the ideal ballot.Four people picked their own presidential ticket. Read below and see if their choices are better or worse than the current candidates running in November’s election.

Lacy McCrary
Lou Dobbs and Bill Cosby. You’d be surprised, but Bill Cosby has some great ideas on how he would change things.

Dale Spence
I would probably say Condoleezza Rice and Sarah Palin. I think they would do well, but I think Condoleezza is too smart to run.

Pat Kolb
I would have to pick Abraham Lincoln and for vice president I guess I would say Ronald Reagan.

Eli Monyek
George Washington and Bon Jovi

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