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When kids get ready to go back to school, they generally start by purchasing school supplies. School District 49 board members are thinking of buying some supplies of their own. The board of education is considering buying laptops for each board member – with school district funds.As with most agenda items a vote will decide the fate of the laptop purchase. However, what would the public say if they had a chance to vote on the issue? We asked the people of Falcon how they felt about school monies being used to buy laptops for the D 49 board.

Malcolm Shannon
I don’t think they should have the laptops. My wife’s a teacher and they don’t buy them for teachers. So, no, I don’t think they should have them either.

Jennifer Jones
I would rather see the money go toward students or supplies.

Serna.jpgI would like to see that money go back into the classrooms or to the teachers. I think it seems a bit selfish.

Rose StampsIf the purpose of them having their own laptops is just so they can receive the minutes, I don’t think they should have them. Aren’t most of the board members professionals? And wouldn’t they more than likely have their own computers and could receive the information that way? If they need them so that they can receive the information immediately and there is no other way, then, yes. Otherwise, I think the money could be used for something else.

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