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Laughter is a universal language and one that humans express at an early age. However, as people grow older, they tend to laugh less.According to, the average American child laughs 200 times per day, while adults laugh a mere 15 times a day. That’s why we asked four kindergarteners from Mrs. Cole’s class at Meridian Ranch Elementary to share their best joke – in honor of April as “National Humor” month.Remember the words of Will Rogers: “We are only here for a spell, so get all the good laughs you can.”Read the riddles first and then find the answers below. They are sure to tickle the funny bone!

Preston Page
What animal keeps the best time?

Charise Willis
Black Forest
Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

Kylee Blacksten
Black Forest
What does a snowman eat for breakfast?

Jared McIntyre
Why did the chicken go bowling?

Answers:A watch dogHe didn’t have the guts to do itFrosted FlakesBecause he wanted to get a strike

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