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In 2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study, collecting data from more than 100,000 households nationwide. The following was taken from the findings:

  • There were 43.6 million Americans of all ages who did not have health insurance – 14.8 percent of the population.
  • Among Americans ages 18-64, 19.8 percent did not have health insurance in 2006, a slight increase from 18.9 percent in 2005.
  • About 9.3 percent of children under the age of 18 did not have health insurance in 2006, a decrease from 13.9 percent in 1997.
What is the solution to solving Americaís health care coverage problem? Although itís a controversial topic, some feel universal health care is the solution. Hereís how four people answered this monthís Streetwise question: Would you be willing to change your lifestyle if it guaranteed all Americans universal health care?
Jon Goff
No. Everybodyís health is different. Some people just have bad health and itís no fault of their own. No universal health care, but give people affordable health care ñ thatís a different thing.

Lynn Miller
No. I am opposed to universal health care. They do that in Canada and Ireland. My wifeís from Ireland and her family buys their own health insurance. They still pay the taxes to cover the universal health care, but they get better care with private insurance. There is no incentive for the government to take fiscal responsibility or accountability. I believe in a free market.

Dan Brooks
Yes. Some people canít afford health care and if I can change my life so that everybody would have it ñ sure.

Karen Madueno
No. First off, I donít believe in universal health care. Itís my life and I donít want to change my life for something I donít believe in.

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