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Three months, or 3,000 miles, is the recommended amount of time when vehicle owners should take their cars in for an oil change or needed maintenance, if they want their vehicle to run properly.And once every 12 months, or each Jan. 1, is when a large majority of the population makes New Year’s resolutions that reflect maintaining a healthier lifestyle. According to the, 50 percent of the people polled said they wanted to lose weight in 2006. Thirty three percent said they wanted to start exercising and 17 percent said they wanted to quit smoking. Unlike car maintenance, people often give up on their resolutions. At least four people seemed confident in starting healthy habits in 2007. Check out their answers to the following three questions: On a scale of one to 10, how well do you take care of your car? On a scale of one to 10, how well do you take care of your body? What is the one thing you would do this year to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Ron Huddleston – Falcon
“Car – 8; Body -7; I plan to eat regularly and get more rest and exercise.”
Richard Monyek- Falcon
“Car – 8; body – 4; I would like to eat healthier. No candy. Well, less candy.”
Chris Barnette – Calhan
“Car – 7; body – 4; I’m going to exercise. My favorite is my stationary bike.”
Millie Shelton – Falcon
“Car – 9; body – 7 or 8; I want to take more time to do things I enjoy. If the snow goes away, I will work outside more. I also have a lot of sewing and reading to catch up on.”

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