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Now that Falcon spring sports are in full swing, the only thing still left on the basketball court are the standings and stats. Coach Doug Ravasdy’s Falcons were a team on a mission this past year.For a new coach to implement a new system and have such a successful season is a compliment to both the coach and his players. From the opening tipoff at the first game, until the last shot during the playoffs, I felt there was great improvement with his club. It’s generally a difficult task to sell a different system of basketball when a coach comes in from an entirely different locale, but it seemed to work with this year’s club. The players and the coach are to be congratulated.When I first spoke with Ravasdy at the beginning of the year, I asked him about his expectations for this year’s club. He told me that winning the metro league would be nice, and he’d like to see how far in the playoffs they could get. In the metro league they were 12-2-0 – ending up second to Sierra – and were 17-8 overall. They went two deep in the playoffs by beating Pueblo Central in the first round of the state playoffs but fell to Greeley West in the second round; thus, ending their season.They put together a pretty impressive run at the end of the season by winning 15 out of their last 18 games. That’s a pretty good run in anybody’s book. Following are the individual season statistics on shooting, scoring, assists, steals and blocked shots for the 2008-2009 squad.*PPG points per game *PTS points scored *FGM field goals made *FGA field goals attempted *the numbers 2 and 3 are points *FTM free throws made *FTA free throws attempted *assists *steals *blocked shots

Charlie Goodwin0000000000000
2Lewis Baumann12.43091132877214641141274446738
4Jordan Yates5.51324513329851648253819216
10Onorio Franco11253972478018117662653934719
11Jade Gale2.1177186121624340
14Jared Wilson1.938123512310412156151
21Ryan Livecchi1.62913271017310001140
22John Kienast6.81715915756106351447978533
33Adam Link15.5388138285120221186488134628079
34Paul Rotering5.6139561514512311281021303425
50Ryan Wusk.5419130625122
TEAM TOTALS59.214815411354431928110426238397349337143
There are many more individual stats for rebounding, fouls, etc., which can be found on Max Preps on the Internet.See you at the games next year.Vinnie MacTRACK AND FIELDPUEBLO CENTENNIAL BULLDOG INVITATIONAL @ DUTCH CLARK STADIUM IN PUEBLO, MARCH 21, 2009The following results only consider those that placed in the top 10 of their respective event:GIRLS RESULTS
100 meter dash:winning time12.50
fourth: FalconSadie Bryceland13.10
200 meter dash:winning time26.46
ninth: FalconCourtney Dunson28.53
400 meter dash:winning time59.7
eighth: FalconKatelyn Gatrost1:04.06
ninth: FalconRiley Wusk1:04.33
100 meter hurdles:winning time15.68
second: FalconSa De’ Lewis16.01
seventh: FalconShayna Swanson18.35
4 x 100 meter relay:winning time45.93
third: FalconTenesha Dubose, Courtney Dunson,
Sadie Bryceland and Moriah Seaborn
4 x 200 meter relay:winning time1:48.91
fifth: FalconSadie Bryceland, Courtney Dunson,
Katelyn Gatrost and Moriah Seaborn
4 x 400 meter relay:winning time4:15.03
fifth: FalconNatalie Hines, Sarah Glauvitz,
Riley Wusk and Moriah Seaborn
800 sprint medley:winning time1:53.7
fifth: FalconSadie Bryceland, Tenesha DuBose,
Riley Wusk and Katelyn Gatrost
High Jump:winning height5′- 0″
fourth: FalconLindsey Lucas4′- 8″
seventh: FalconCheyenne Mix4′- 6″
ninth: FalconLindsey Davis4′- 6″
Pole Vault:winning height10′- 6″
ninth: FalconShayna Swanson7′- 0″
Long Jump:winning distance17′- 1″
fourth: FalconSa De’ Lewis15′- 11″
Triple Jump:winning distance35′- 1″
first: FalconSa De’ Lewis35′- 1″
ShotPut:winning distance42′- 9″
third: FalconKiah Hicks37′- 11″
Discus:winning distance125′- 8″
first: FalconKiah Hicks125′- 8″
ninth: FalconNikki Lowry89′- 5″
The girls placed fifth overall with 71 points, finishing behind winner Classical Academy with 111 points. There were 18 teams involved in this meet.BOYS RESULTS
100 meter dash:winning time11.17
ninth: FalconMichael Petherick11.66
200 meter dash:winning time22.53
sixth: FalconJade Gale23.95
10th: FalconMichael Petherick24.12
400 meter dash:winning time49.71
second: FalconJade Gale50.95
eighth: FalconEthan DeBauche52.90
800 meter run:winning time2:03.42
seventh: FalconBrandon Barkey2:12.82
1600 meter run:winning time4:25.82
first: FalconKevin Johnson4:25.82
ninth: FalconChris Stearns4:53.18
3200 meter run:winning time9:29.82
first: FalconWes Rickman9:29.82
third: FalconChris Stearns10:44.74
100 meter hurdles:winning time15.54
first: FalconSean Driscoll15.54
second: FalconBryce Lane15.79
300 meter hurdles:winning time41.86
first: FalconSean Driscoll41.86
second: FalconBryce Lane42.37
4 x 400 meter relay:winning time3:29.17
second: FalconEthan DeBauche, Jade Gale,
Jordan Teeples and Michael Petherick
4 x 800 meter relay:winning time8:11.53
first: FalconKevin Johnson, Joran Teeples,
Bryce Gregoire and Wes Rickman
High Jump:winning height6′- 0″
first: FalconBryce Lane6′- 0″
eighth: FalconKevin Haberkorn5′- 8″
Triple Jump:winning distance43′- 7″
fifth: FalconJade Gale41′- ?”
Shot Put:winning distance66′- 8″
seventh: FalconPaul Rotering46′- 1″
Discus Throw:winning distance207′ – <"
sixth: FalconDimitri Longmier125′
The boys placed first overall with 114 points, finishing ahead of Widefield, which was second with 71 points. There were 21 teams at this meet.TRACK AND FIELD2009 PIKES PEAK INVITATIONAL TRACK MEET @ GERRY BERRY STADIUM IN COLORADO SPRINGS APRIL 6, 2009The following results only consider those that placed in the top 10 of their respective event.GIRLS RESULTS
800 Sprint Medley:winning time1:52.68
fourth: Falcon1:54.98
100 Meter Hurdles:winning time15.30
fourth: FalconSa De’ Lewis15:81
100 Meter Dash:winning time12.48
fifth: FalconStephany Daniels13.38
10th: FalconSavannah Bryceland13.54
4 x 100 Meter Relay:winning time50.63
eighth: Falcon52.25
4 x 200 Meter Relay:winning time1:48.90
third: Falcon1:49.27
Long Jump:winning distance15′- 10″
seventh: FalconSa De’ Lewis14′- 10″
eighth: FalconAlyssa Cope14′- 7″
Triple Jump:winning distance37′- 1″
fifth: FalconSa De’ Lewis33′- 5″
Discus Throw:winning distance117′- 11″
first: FalconKiah Hicks117′- 11″
Shot Put:winning distance37′- 3″
second: FalconKiah Hicks36′
The girls placed fifth with 48 points, finishing behind first placewinner Widefield, with 78 points. Twenty-three girls teams participated at this meet.BOYS RESULTS
100 Meter Hurdles:winning time14.81
third: FalconSean Driscoll15.55
fourth: FalconBryce Lane15.75
1600 Meter Run:winning time4:29.92
first: FalconKevin Johnson4:29.92
400 Meter Dash:winning time48.64
fourth: FalconJade Gale50.87
300 Meter Hurdles:winning time39.72
fourth: FalconBryce Lane41.42
seventh: FalconKevin Haberkorn42.37
800 Meter Run:winning time2:00.83
third: FalconWesley Rickman2:01.16
ninth: FalconKevin Johnson2:06.69
4 x 400 Meter Relay:winning time3:27.95
sixth: Falcon3:36.02
High Jump:winning height6′ -6″
sixth: FalconBryce Lane5′- 10″
Long Jump:winning distance20′ -8″
fourth: FalconBryce Lane20′
Triple Jump:winning distance43′ -10″
seventh: FalconPaul Rotering39′ -7″
Shot Put:winning distance52′ -9 1/2″
fourth: FalconPaul Rotering48′ -2″
The boys placed second with 56 points, finishing behind first place winner Fountain Fort Carson, which had 114 points. There were 21 boys teams at this meet.This column does not necessarily represent the views of The New Falcon Herald.

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