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Spring break travel trends

The rebounding economy and the popularity of spring break travel are proving to be a potent combination for 2011. In a new survey, more than 70 percent of Travel Leadersí agents, managers and owners throughout the U.S. reported that seats on nonstop flights to popular spring break destinations are already difficult or very difficult to find.If you havenít made your spring break travel plans yet, donít delay. The good news is that if flights to your chosen destination are available, you may find good value in accommodations, as 41.1 percent of Travel Leadersí professionals reported that hotels and all-inclusive resorts are still offering deals to attract spring break travelers.As for destinations, nearly 60 percent of Travel Leadersí professionals said they are booking both land-based and cruise-based vacations for their clients. For those clients booked on cruises, more than 82 percent have selected cruises in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Cruises of the Western Caribbean ñ including those that may offer stops in Cozumel, Cancun and the Riviera Maya ñ are the most popular, followed by cruises of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean.The majority of spring break travelers planning land-based vacations are choosing to travel outside the U.S., with almost 68 percent of Travel Leadersí clients choosing international destinations. For those staying in the U.S., almost 69 percent will head for the sun and fun of Florida. Another 14.1 percent will travel to the Golden State of California, while 13.1 percent will continue west to Hawaii.Making spring break travel plans as soon as possible will not only give you the best selection of remaining flights, hotels or cruises but also the best available values. Keep in mind that overall prices for 2011 spring break trips will be higher than last year, according to 67 percent of Travel Leadersí professionals. Prices tend to increase as travel dates edge closer, so making reservations now will help you make the most of your budget.

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