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Should they stay – or go?

There never seems to be a lack of controversial topics these days, and one at the top of the president’s agenda is deciding whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. During Obama’s presidential campaign, he said, “Iraq was a war of choice. But Afghanistan is one of necessity.”Political analysts say that whatever President Obama decides on Afghanistan troops puts him between a “rock and a hard place.”He’ll be criticized by the left or the right if he sends in more troops, or if he pulls American troops out of Afghanistan and things take a turn for the worse.The United States military has been present in Afghanistan since 2001. The NFH asked Streetwise participants how they felt about those eight years. Have we made progress? Should we stay, or should we go?

Robin Pretzeus
I think they (extremists) have no respect for human life. Their disrespect for life is so scary to me. And it scares me the number of soldiers that have already been killed. If we pull out, then would they want to come over here? Is that what we want?

Michael Lucero
I believe what Obama is doing – sending more troops there and getting everything situated – is right. If I were the president, I would have our troops stay. I wouldn’t pull out. I think what’s going on over there is working.

Debbie Perkins
I would get the president with Gen. Petraeus because he is telling him we need more troops there. As long as he (Petraeus) feels we need to be there, the president should listen to him – trust him. Otherwise, I’m afraid they will be fighting over here if we pull out. It’s not as bad, in a lot of locations, as they portray on TV. I know a lot of people who have had many tours over there.

Lupe Martin
I think it’s sad the number of people that have already died. We have lost so many military. I think it’s time they (Afghanistan) should be at a place where they can rebuild their own territory. They won’t ever learn to get to that place, if they are constantly carried.

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