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Santa’s Toy Express celebrates five years

It seems only yesterday that Falcon School District bus drivers ran with their vision to help D 49 students and families, with special circumstances, during the Christmas season. The result of that vision was Santa’s Toy Express.The bus drivers saw the need and wanted to give back to the community they serve. Fifteen students and their families were helped the first year, with many tears shed and a hunger to help even more the next year. Drivers approached the school board and asked for help to purchase coats, and they found a department store willing to provide a site for a kid shopping spree.The Falcon Fire Department agreed to help with sponsors and funds the following year. They also provided a fire engine to bring Santa to a special breakfast sponsored by the bus drivers and Safeway. The bus drivers prepared the breakfast and Safeway provided the food.Shriever Air Force Base also stepped up with a financial contribution as well as additional sponsors that helped provide bus rides to Kmart so the kids could go on their shopping spree.When the drivers began raising more money through special luncheons at their facility, other companies were approached for financial help. Farmers State Bank, State Bank and Mountain View Electric saw the reality of the need and contributed funds.A slogan of “49 students in School District 49” was adopted, although the program grew to more than 50 students and their families.Wal-Mart will provide the site for the shopping spree this year; 50-plus students will participate this year.Today, there is a special feeling around the bus barn at Christmastime, as the community joins in to help with the efforts. Horizon Middle School students put on craft year now to raise money for other students in their district. Falcon High School ROTC sends help to wrap packages and provide clean-up.As the program matures, the need never changes, just the people and their circumstances. There are still needs in our district; we help only a few. We hope you will remember us as the season approaches and remember those who may be less fortunate. Donations may be sent to Santa’s Toy Express at 10850 E Woodmen Road Peyton, Co. 80831.Falcon District bus drivers and their families, along with all of our supporters, would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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