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RV park public meeting

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The April issue of The New Falcon Herald included an article about a proposed RV park planned for Peyton. According to the article, Scott Smith filed paperwork with the El Paso County Planning and Development Department for a 30-acre recreational vehicle park, called Lazy Y Rockin’ J RV Park, near the intersection of Peyton Highway and U.S. Highway 24.

The opposition to the RV park has been loud and clear — and plentiful.

On April 24, a public meeting was held to inform nearby residents and business owners about the plans to move forward with the park, along with the details of the park.

Jim Cuchares of Peyton attended the meeting and said the majority of people (the number of attendees ranged from 70 to 150, based on two different sources) opposed the plans. Cuchares said property values, personal wells and increased traffic were the “hot topics” at the meeting.

According to a written proposal handed out at the meeting, the plans include quiet times at night and limits on noise volumes, control of trash, assuring that pets are under control, having incentives for responsible water usage, limiting open fires, RVs older than 15 years or are in disrepair will not be allowed, tent camping will be limited to no more than 10 days to two weeks and the park will be closed during the winter months.

They have also requested a rezone of the adjacent parcel to rural residential 5 to accommodate a single-family home where the owners of the park will reside.

The park will also maintain minimal lighting to ensure night sky viewing for guests and the community in general. A camp store will be provided as well, which, according to the proposal, will minimize local trips into town.

Also, the site will be buffered from adjacent parcels with landscaping and/or 6-foot opaque fencing. They will also keep the existing mature trees on the site and add landscaping throughout the site.

In the April article, Peyton resident Shawna Mistretta stated her opposition. “There are many people in the area opposed to the park,” Mistretta said. “What we are trying to do is slow this process down, because many people are not aware of it. There is no real pressing need for another RV Park.” Mistretta’s husband attended the April 24 meeting. He said one woman spoke out and said the meeting was held just to “appease” the people in opposition.

“This RV park does not enhance our community in any way,” Mistretta said. “Rezoning for this does not increase the safety, health or well-being of Peyton residents who remain staunchly opposed.”

The proposal still has to go through the county process, and it’s just in the beginning stages. As of this date, a hearing date has not been set.

Editor’s note: The NFH will follow up as the process moves forward.

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