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A new RV park in the area

By Pete Gawda

A proposed RV park in Peyton is drawing increased opposition from nearby property owners. However, the owner of the proposed site said he is trying to answer their concerns, and he believes it will be a good thing for the community.

Scott Smith is filing paperwork with the El Paso County Planning and Development Department for a 30-acre recreational vehicle park, called Lazy Y Rockin’ J RV Park, near the intersection of Peyton Highway and U.S. Highway 24. The property address is 12960 N. Peyton Highway, south of Highway 24.

At this point, a rezoning only request has been filed.

The opposition from nearby property owners is loud.

As of March 22, there were 31 letters of opposition posted on the county’s electronic development application review program regarding the proposed RV park.

As of March 22, there were 31 letters of opposition posted on the county’s electronic development application review program. As of that date, there was only one letter in favor of the project.

“We are in opposition,” said Peyton resident Shawna Mistretta. “There are many people in the area opposed to the park. What we are trying to do is slow this process down, because many people are not aware of it. There is no real pressing need for another RV Park.” She fears property values will go down. Mistretta said she is not opposed to development, but “I am opposed to development that is not respectful to nearby residents.”

A sampling of the letters of opposition revealed that Andrew Barnes noted there are four RV parks in the area. Tracie Peterson mentioned the lack of service stations, restaurants and propane filling stations to serve the RV park. Anita Squirer cited the lack of adequate fire protection or law enforcement. Realtor Jody Hefner expressed concern about traffic, noise and trash.

At least one area resident is in favor of the RV park. “It would bring customers to local businesses,” was the opinion of RV owner Terry Lupfer, who sent in the sole letter in favor of the RV park. He said visitors to the RV park would make good neighbors.

Smith is confident he can answer the residents’ concerns, and he said he and his wife are concerned about residents’ opinions because they are both from the area. He plans to have a public meeting in April to listen to his neighbors’ concerns. “We will be there letting them know the things we are planning,” Smith said, adding that he will make sure all the neighbors are informed of the date and place of the meeting.

“We are going to build a quality project and be good neighbors,” Smith said.

After the planning commission hears the rezoning appeal, the board of county commissioners will make a final decision on the rezoning.

Smith said the next step will involve submitting a defined development plan in compliance with the zoning and compatible with utility, water drainage, sanitary and other applicable regulations. There will be several more steps in the process before final plat approval can be granted.

Planner Kylie Bagley, who is processing the application, said that no hearing date has been scheduled. The applicant is still submitting paperwork.

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