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Resolutions – in one year and out the other

The practice of making New Year’s resolutions first started with the Babylonians, according to – and it’s a tradition that continues today. Each year, hundreds of people make New Year’s resolutions hoping to start off the year in the right direction. According to, the following are the top-10 resolutions for the coming year: lose weight; get organized, spend less and save more; enjoy life to the fullest; staying fit and healthy; learn something exciting; quit smoking; help others; fall in love and spend more time with family.It’s no surprise to see one or more resolutions relating to health and fitness.This month’s Streetwise question: “Did you make a fitness New Year’s resolution, and did you keep it?”

Karen Raper
Black Forest
I don’t set New Year’s resolutions because I think you should set goals for yourself all year long.

Shannon Berry
My goal last year was to put on some weight, which is unusual for most people, but I’m a different case. I started the year out weighing around 185 or 190, and my goal was to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle. And so now I’m at 200. But my goal for this coming year is to slim down and reduce my body fat and maintain my mass. So I am going to change the way I work out.

Rose DiCenso
I make a resolution every year and I kept it and did more than I had planned. And I will make one again this year. Last year, I hiked 100 miles and my goal for this year was to hike 200. I actually hiked 300 miles.

Mindy Quintana
Colorado Springs
I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution last year because I was pregnant, and I took full advantage of that. But this year I asked my fiancÈ to buy me the Zumba (dance fitness) for Xbox’s Kinect so I can work out.

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