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Recall volunteers hit the streets

An effort to recall two Falcon School District 49 board members is being spearheaded by a community group called D 49 Community. The group has until July 6 to collect 3,472 signatures on a petition to recall board members Dave Martin and Kent Clawson.Tom Harold, a committee volunteer, said the group would like to get at least 4,000 signatures. “It (the recall effort) had been brewing for years with this board,” Harold said. “The contract situation with Mike and Sandy Collins was the final straw.” In March, the BoE informed Sandy Collins, Vista Ridge High School principal, and Mike Collins, Sand Creek High School principal, that their contracts would not be renewed for the 2009-2010 school year. The board reversed the decision in April.After the petition signatures have been collected, the committee will submit the petition to the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder, said D 49 Community volunteer Darrell Yee. The county then has 10 days to verify the petition signatures followed by a 15-day period to protest the petition. If the petition is approved it will be placed on the November election ballot.Yee said although getting word out to the public about the recall effort is a challenge, he has received positive feedback from many in the community. “When we walk our neighborhoods, people are very, very upset and are very passionate about the subject,” he said.Harold said D 49 Community volunteers have been out in the public full force. In June, the group will have a “honk and wave” event, hold open houses, and participate in neighborhood walks and fundraising events. “We’re doing everything we can,” he said.”D 49 has no official comment on the recall campaign,” said Amanda Mountain, D 49 spokesperson.

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