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Presidential Valentine?

It’s February and one holiday that always comes to mind is Valentineís Day. That one day of the year when people let their special someone know how much they care.Don’t have a sweetheart? Well, thereís no better time than now to figure out what qualities are at the top of your list for your ideal mate. Looking for a person who is an eloquent speaker? How about someone with the same political views?Maybe a handsome man in a powdered wig?The other holiday in February is Presidentís Day, which takes a back seat to the ìotherî one. This monthís Streetwise question combined the two holidays: Validentís Day or Presidineís Day? No, really. We came up with the question, “What president do you think would make a good mate and why?” Here’s what four area ladies had to say.

Tonya Tune, Falcon
ìRonald Reagan. Because he was an actor and maybe he would have had a bit more of an exciting side. I look for someone with a sense of humor and someone who is fun.î
Diana Moure, Falcon
ìGeorge W. Bush, because he is steadfast, has a strong faith and a sense of commitment. But, I did read somewhere that heís a fan of the New York Jets, and since Iím a New England Patriots fan that could make the relationship a bit dicey, to say the least!î

Lynn Reeser, Falcon
ìGeorge Washington because I think he was a fearless leader and I like that in a person ñ someone with a strong personality ñ a motivator. I think he was a person ahead of his time.”
Julie Strauch, Elbert
ìAbraham Lincoln. I think he would be very interesting to talk to and because he was ahead of his time and had the foresight to abolish slavery. He was very empathetic.”

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