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On the Street in Black Forest

The temperature outside hovered above 80 degrees after 6 p.m. in Black Forest early on a Thursday evening. The New Falcon Herald caught Black Forest resident Clark Kent ñ- whose name ìainít no lie,î commented one bar patron ñ- sitting down to dinner at Descarís Roadside Bar and Grill.Kent, 65, retired from the U.S. Army after 20 years of service. He talked about everything from his home in Black Forest to breeding and racing homing pigeons to his travels around the world ó and more.NFH: How long have you lived in Black Forest?Kent: 15 years this summerNFH: What brought you to Black Forest?Kent: Have you ever heard of racing pigeons? Theyíre like homing pigeons used in World War II, but you can race them. Kind of like race horses. When I came out here, I was in the national organization in Oklahoma City. I came back here for (the sport) but also because I had been here before when I was in the Army.NFH: What is your favorite spot in Black Forest and why?Kent: Probably here at DescarísNFH: What is your favorite thing about Black Forest and why?Kent: The people: There are a lot of locals out here, and I like that because weíre all like good friends. Years ago, when the Army was more prevalent, there used to be more transient people here; but now weíre local. Thatís whatís great about living in Black Forest. You can spend your time talking to someone who makes jam for a living and sells it at the local shows!NFH: What do you wish you knew more about?Kent: Human health. Thatís something Iíve strived to learn and have studied toward. There are so many theories out there about health. I find it fascinating. You know, when I was racing pigeons I had to concentrate on their health ñ- what they ate, what was healthy for them; it was what made them win ñ- so I had to kind of focus on my health, too.NFH: How do you relax after a hard day of work?Kent: Here in Black Forest; specifically, by talking to people. Itís not politics or anything; people have different interests that seem to draw them together. I can explain to them my hobby, which most people donít know a lot about, and they can talk about theirs!NFH: Where is the most interesting place youíve ever been?Kent: Thailand: I served in the Vietnam War so I was in southeast Asia. I took trips to Thailand.NFH: What book did you read that has changed your way of thinking?Kent: Well, this might be controversial, but the Bible really changed my way of thinking during a certain period of my life. Now, itís something that I doubt a lot. Maybe thatís because of my experiences in life. I was raised a Christian so the Bible was a big part of my life at one time, but now I doubt it.NFH: If you could host dinner and invite any one person, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?Kent: Well, this is also probably controversial. Donald Trump ñ- I wasnít a fan of his and he was not my first choice to vote for ñ- but he is a person who is changing so much in this world that Iíd really like to meet him. I think a lot of people do not understand him. I donít understand him, but Iíd like to meet him in person.NFH: Among your friends and family, how would they describe you?Kent: If you say the pigeon-man, thatís me! They know me that way, or they know my face, even if they donít know my name. Iíve bred and raced pigeons since I retired, but my health has taken me out of the sport. I have learned about and dealt with them since I was a teen. Iíve released pigeons at parades, at friendsí weddings and even at military funerals. Iíve been around it for a long time.

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