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Ah! The good ole days. These words are often uttered after flipping through an old family album or newspaper – and when eyeing the latest prices in the grocery stores. It would be nice to buy things today at yesterday’s prices, but it’s not realistic.The world is constantly changing – music, movies, fashion and politics, to name a few.Most would agree that the economy has changed in the last few years. Rising prices for food and gas, especially, have hit Americans hard.In response to those good ole days, the NFH asked four people to go back in time for this month’s Streetwise. Could they recall how much a new home, a new car, a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas were 20 years ago? See their answers below.NOWNew home: ~ $239,000New Ford (Taurus): $23,635Loaf of bread: $1.37One gallon of gas: $4Sources: Dawn Appleby, ERA Shields Real Estate and;; U.S Department of Labor and www.dol.govTHENThree-bedroom home: $78,843New Ford: $9,940Loaf of bread: 67 centsOne gallon of gas: 95 centsSource: Hallmark’s Anniversary TimesAnswers from the people

Pat Neumann
Three-bedroom home: $88,000-$89,000New Ford: $8,000Loaf of bread: 25 centsOne gallon of gas: 79 cents

Jim Wilson
Three-bedroom home: $205,000New Ford: $13,000Loaf of bread: $1.00One gallon of gas: $1.45

Bob Fields
Three-bedroom home: $75,000New Ford: $15,000Loaf of bread: 49 centsOne gallon of gas: 69 cents

Donna Hosmer
Colorado Springs
Three-bedroom home: $80,000New Ford: $4,000Loaf of bread: 40 centsOne gallon of gas: 75 cents

Those were the days1988Headlines: Leaders of Latin American countries call for Latin American common market; President Johnson attends the funeral of Adenauer in Cologne West Germany; President Johnson throws out first ball at baseball opener in Washington D.C.Best Picture/Best Actor/Best Actress: In the Heat of the Night; Rod Steiger; Katharine HepburnSource: Hallmark’s Anniversary Times2008Headlines: Obama and McCain to face off in 2008 election; is the housing crisis affecting you; Mississippi River washes over levees; family and friends remember Tim RussertBest Picture/Best Actor/Best Actress: No Country for Old Men; Daniel Day-Lewis; Marion CotillardSources:;;

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