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When conservatives talk about less government, itís hard to understand why some would support resolutions that take power away from the people. A resolution has been introduced in the Colorado Legislature that ìrequires approval by 3/5 of votes cast for adoption of any initiative or referendum that would amend the Colorado Constitution.î There is a catch, which covers the Tabor Amendment. The resolution authorizes a ìsimple majority of votes cast to repeal or amend constitutional provisions approved prior to or at the 2006 general election.îIn other words, if we the people determine that a different day and age ñ circumstances that could not previously have been considered by our forefathers ñ might require an amendment to the Constitution, and we follow the petition process; the resolution states that the voters have to approve the amendment by a 60-percent majority.The resolution could be voted on this year ñ of course, by the simple majority. ìSimpleî is what we learned in elementary math classes ñ 51/50, right?The 60-percent resolution passed in Florida. Proponents of the 60-percent resolution cried wolf to the voters, convincing them that this action would eliminate ìfluffyî amendments. A few years ago, animal welfare activists succeeded at the polls with an amendment to the Florida Constitution requiring that pig farmers provide proper housing for pigs ñ no more crowded enclosures. The pig farmers left Florida. Many people thought the amendment was hogwash.Former Gov. Jeb Bush was all for it. Current Gov. Charlie Crist, of the old-time Republican regime ñ less government, opposed it.Colorado is an independent state ñ donít let those who wallow in muddied agendas at the Capitol bull you over with this one. The bottom line is that the politicians are full of manure for introducing this resolution. Itís about their fear of losing control.Contact your senators and representatives now. Tell them that any resolution that takes away from the power of the people is as lethal as the fat on the bacon.

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