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Mothers Day Menu

Motherís Day is May 13 this year, and four students from Mrs. Robin Sutherlandís kindergarten class at Meridian Ranch Elementary put a lot of thought into what they plan to give their mothers this year. In addition to homemade cards and gifts, theyíve ìcooked upî some gourmet meals fit for a queen. So cancel your reservations and clip these recipes for a delicious homemade cuisine.

By Brianna Berkheimer
Take one egg. Get it out of the shell and put it in a pan. Stir it and flip it. You know it is done when it ìlooks right.î My mom likes to put a little spicy stuff on top before she eats it.

By Domonique Lozano
Iím not allowed to use that stuff (stove and microwave), but my dad could help me cook it.Take one piece of chicken with no skin. My mom doesnít eat the skin, but my dad will. My mom likes white meat. Bake it in the stove at 10 degrees for 13 minutes. Put a little pepper on top.

By Andrew Vosler
Take one piece of chicken ñ with the skin on. Just one piece, my mom doesnít eat a lot of meat. She eats a lot of salads. My mom likes dark meat. My dad cooks it on that thing outside (grill) for 100 seconds. But sometimes 100 seconds is too long because one time my dad got a phone call while he was cooking and it got burnt and it didnít taste very good.She likes to eat the chicken with a salad and spinach and she likes milk to drink.

By Tyler Dillahunty
Take two buns and put 5 lbs. of hamburger and ham in between them along with three pickles, one lettuce, cheese, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Cook it in the stove at 62 degrees for one hour.

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