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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Flori-duhsA Florida man by the name of Luis Mario Vega used a flashing blue light in his car and turned it on whenever he was tired of sitting in traffic. His pretense as a cop worked for a while until a woman followed him when she decided he looked nothing like a cop. The woman stopped Vega and told him it was illegal to pretend to be a cop. Vega laughed it off. The woman called the real cops and when Vega was arrested he said to the deputy, ìYou can get around so much faster when stupid people are moving out of your way.î Speaking of stupid. Stupid in TucsonFrom the Tucson Weekly: Know how cops are always hanging out in the doughnut shop? Ralph from Tucson had just robbed a downtown business and afterward he apparently had a hankering for doughnuts. Several Tucson police officers were sipping coffee and munching on doughnuts when Ralph walked in to a Tucson doughnut shop.It took only a few minutes for the officers to recognize Ralph from their radio transmissions, and Ralph was arrested. Must have a donut hole in his head.Butts and weed donít mixTrey, also from Tucson, ended up in a federal prison in Tucson after his truck caught on fire. Trey was being paid to drive a truck ñ filled to the brim with marijuana ñ from a Tucson distribution center to an unknown Midwest city.Thinking it was an easy chance to earn some money, Trey was in cruise mode, smoking a cigarette, when he tossed the butt out the window. You guessed it. The wind blew the butt into the open truckload of pot. Trey didnít know it was on fire until a state trooper pulled him over. Moral of the story: Do not throw your cigarette butts into a truckload of marijuana (even if marijuana use is legal in your state).

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