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Make a wish

When it comes to making wishes, Disney’s Jiminy Cricket probably said it best when he sang, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.”Just make a wish, and all your dreams will come true. Sounds kind of like an infomercial. Most people believe that one has to work for what they want, rather than just sitting around waiting for good luck to show up.But setting reality aside, wouldn’t it be nice to have special magical powers for just one day? This month, four individuals put on their magic hats and answered this month’s Streetwise question: “If you could grant a wish to anyone in the world, for whom and what would your wish for them be?”

Larry Varvil
My wish would be for my son. He is agnostic. He believes there is a higher power, but not necessarily God. So my wish would be for the Holy Spirit to work in his heart and that he would find Jesus.

Anthony Jones
My wish would be for the whole world – that we would be able to feed the world so there would no longer be hunger.

Julie Krich
Colorado Springs
I’d fix a lot of things, but if I had one wish it would be for peace. No more fighting. That all the soldiers, marines and everybody could come home.

Stephen Johnson
Colorado Springs
My wish would be to find the one person that has been going from place to place and find [them] a church home.

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