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Falcon firefighter Jermaine Frye is one of 12 Colorado firefighters who will grace the 2008 ìFired Up for Kidsî calendar. Colorado nonprofit organization Fired up For Kids sponsors the calendar and donates all proceeds to The Childrenís Hospital Burn Center in Denver.America loves its firefighters, and their value is proven every day, not only to the duty they are called to but also to their dedication to community causes.Frye, a firefighter for two years, called the calendar a ìgreat cause,î which makes it worthwhile to him. ìI feel great about it Ö every last penny goes to the childrenís burn center Ö but I am shocked that I am one of the 12 people,î he said. ìAll I know is there were like 1,500 applicants who applied and were eligible. You fill out an application and they ask questions about your personality Ö then they look at your pictures.îTo be eligible for the calendar, applicants ñ men and women ñ must be full-time paid firefighters with at least one year experience, Frye said.The competition was narrowed down to 32 Colorado firefighters. Those chosen strutted their ìstuffî April 27 in front of an audience and judges at the Denver Regency Hyatt Hotel in the Tech Center to gain a spot on the 12-month calendar.ìThere were about 700-plus people there,î he said. ìWe were on stage and had to go down a catwalk. Then, they asked us to take off our shirts and be silly. Iím honestly shocked I made it. Some of the people I went up against were big, strong, buff-looking guys with a lot of experience.îFrye might be shocked he made the cut, but his photos reveal a credible contender.Heís 21 years old, single and lives in Colorado Springs. ìI have to be in good shape, physically fit and healthy to do the job of a firefighter,î Frye said. ìI go to the gym twice a day.îWith his new celebrity status, Frye has had to endure the ribbing of his fellow Falcon firefighters. ìThey play the song, ëIím too sexy for my shirtí while weíre eating,î he said.Perhaps a bit of envy (or maybe admiration) floating around the FFPD?ìAll I can say is that itís a shame I didnít have this job when I was young, single and sexy, too,î said Falcon firefighter Vicki Chevalier.The photo shoot begins in June, and Frye said heís not sure which month heíll represent.What about a month with 31 days? January, perhaps?The calendar will be available this fall. Visit for more information.

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