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In last month’s issue, our front page photo featured Falcon firefighters and Jeremiah, who received an electric wheelchair because of the Falcon Fire Protection District’s fundraising efforts.Computers are great when they’re reliable. This time the computer failed us. When the copy of the newspaper was sent to our designer, spell check kicked in and automatically changed the names of a few of the firefighters. (We heard that some of those firefighters may be forever plagued with new nicknames – sorry.) We didn’t know it, and we didn’t think to proof the names when we finalized the paper. A lesson learned.So, here you go: the real names of the generous firefighters.Jeremiah is seated on the truck, third from left. And lower, from left to right: paramedic Kerry Moose, firefighters Wes Tulii and Chris Westerman; behind Chris is firefighter Rob Wilkerson. Left to right above: firefighters Corey Kirt and Danny Miller, explorer Christian Galicia (son of Cory Galicia), fire chief Trent Harwig , firefighter Ryan Milicki, Capt. Cory Galicia, Lt. Steve McKenna and firefighter Sean Tafoya. In the very back is deputy chief Jeff Petersma.Again, our sincere apologies!

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