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Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving is behind us, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just weeks away!Time flies when you are having fun! At my age, time flies by anyway – so much to do and so little time to do it. This is an on-going concern of my clients as well. Gone are the heydays of the tech boom where you put your assets to be invested into XYZ tech stock and by the end of the week, your investment may have doubled if not more (or less)!The future clients I meet want to know how I am going to pick the investment, be it stocks, bonds or other investment vehicles. We talk about time tables, tolerance for risk and their financial plan as well as college education for their children and retirement planning for themselves, just to name a few. The majority of my clients are introduced to managed account portfolios, where through a detailed questionnaire we select the right investment together.Why this route versus the chimpanzee, or myself, throwing a dart at the Wall Street Journal? Professional ongoing management of the accounts is the primary reason. If I were to get hit by a truck or take a two week vacation to go SCUBA diving, the managers are still there working on your behalf.Managed accounts are an investment portfolio directed by a professional money manager. Two key features make managed accounts different and potentially attractive to investors:

  • Customized: The portfolios are customized to the individual investor, taking into account their risk tolerance, investment time horizon and other investment holdings.
  • Private: Equities are held in your own investment account, in your name, and are not pooled with other investors. This means that the cost basis and transactions in your account are yours alone, and cannot be impacted by the actions of others. Tax efficiency and visibility to holdings are both significant motivations for looking at managed accounts. Traditionally, managed accounts have required a direct relationship with a money management firm, as well as a very large minimum investment — $1,000,000 is not uncommon for money managers. However, now we are able to offer managed account programs with more reasonable account minimums, and with a rich menu of available money managers that span a variety of disciplines and investment areas of focus.
What happens next? Depending on the money manager and his or her portfolio, each account may hold between 10 and 50 individual stocks, bonds or other equity investments. Annual turnover varies, but expect between 20 percent and 50 percent. The money manager will decide what is bought and sold, and will direct the trades into your account. Money managers are compensated by a fee arrangement, which differs from commission based products, such as stocks or mutual funds. Every time your manager trades, you will receive a trade confirmation if you wish, or you can turn the switch to the off position when you are tired of receiving this mail. I will continue to send you monthly and/or quarterly statements verifying all transactions. Once per quarter you will receive a performance report detailing how your account is doing. Ask me when we meet to see a sample of the performance report.When you come to the realization that time is slipping by faster than before or your investment account has grown to a point where you are no longer sure that managing it yourself makes sense, a managed account may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.Let me change hats at this point and converse again about the up coming holidays. As Deputy Chief of the Falcon Fire Protection District, you don’t really want me coming to your traffic accident, house fire or medical emergency if you can get away with it. Be safe out there, use a designated driver and celebrate responsibly.Thank you and have a Happy Holiday season!Donnell Services, LLC719-886-3377Registered RepresentativeSecurities America, Inc.Member NASD, SIPCwww.alexdonnell1.sarep.comDonnell Services, LLC and Securities America, Inc. are independent companies.

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