From the Publisher
From the Publisher


Happy New Year! With 2024, we are celebrating our 21st year as the Falcon and area community newspaper. I am proud of everything we have put into this newspaper and its longevity, which is not easy in today’s publishing world. We have weathered a few rough waters but we’ve gotten through it without ever missing a publication date, payroll or a payment for ongoing services from our business partners.

Other newspapers haven’t been so lucky. Financial woes prompted the Colorado Springs Independent to temporarily shutter operations this year. Prior to the decision, the organization had shifted through various business models. John Weiss, who had been the owner and publisher of the Indy for many years, retired and left in 2022. After he left, the Independent and its sister publications reorganized as a nonprofit called Sixty35 Media, under the direction of a board called Citizen-Powered Media. After a redesign and new website, they “relaunched” the publication.

However, in March 2023, all reporters except one were laid off; a photographer, cartoonist, critic and columnists were let go as well.

Also that month, the Indy abandoned their reorganization efforts and went back to being the Colorado Springs Independent. Publisher Fran Zankowski stated on the Indy’s website that the newspaper needed a timeout to settle its debt and reorganize.

They hope to be back in business in early 2024.

The Colorado Springs Business Journal has been a sister newspaper to the Indy for years, but the future of that newspaper is unclear at this time.

According to an Associated Press Nov.16 online news report, the nation has lost one-third of its newspapers and two-thirds of newspaper journalists since 2005. An average of 2.5 newspapers closed each week in 2023. Most are weekly newspapers. In two decades, there are just 6,000 newspapers remaining nationwide.

We are lucky, and I’m grateful to the people who support us, from readers to local businesses to our great NFH team. One example of that support is Ben Kley and StratusIQ. They are allowing us to use their Falcon cameras on our new website — any day, any time — day or night. You can access live cameras in Falcon by visiting our website at https:// Check it out — it’s fun and interesting.

This month is our annual health and wellness issue. We’ve covered doctor shortages, telemedicine, a new illness threatening dogs, rising health care costs and more. Thanks to El Paso County Public Health for contributing this month, and hopefully they will continue to submit health care information throughout 2024.

We hope you continue to enjoy our newspaper as we continue to celebrate our 21st year in business. We also want to hear from you, our readers, because your thoughts, suggestions, likes and dislikes are important so we can keep putting out The New Falcon Herald each month! Have a great 2024!

See you in February

Correction: Last month, the NFH ran a photo of the Sherwin Williams Paint Store grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony in Falcon. One of store managers was featured in the photo, and her name was misspelled. The correct spelling is Brianna Dunwody. Apologies to Brianna!

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