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This is the third successive edition that we’ve featured a SNOW picture on the front page. But it is what it is. And it’s a reminder that we control nothing when it comes to Mother Nature.One NFH publisher/editor found that we are not in control when it comes to computers, either, especially if we don’t back up our work.Note from Marylou: Two nights before deadline, the newspaper copy vanished from its file after an auto recovery following a system interruption. Imagine closing the file, returning to it 10 minutes later to find nothing but white space. A temper tantrum did not bring it back nor did 12 hours of a search with help from Tom Morlan, neighbor Alan Rivett and computer guru Maurice Ryman. Thanks, though, for your help. I don’t think Alan will ever forget the way I looked when he walked into my office: Flannel pants, baggy sweatshirt (no shower or change in 24 hours), hair standing on end and blood flowing from my tear ducts (not really). I WAS bleeding tears, believe me.Thanks to all the writers and Stacie who offered assistance and to NFH lead designer Jeff, who called to offer his sympathies. He had been through it. Thanks to Angie Morlan and her mom for making me smile with that late night “monkey business.”Speaking of Angie, friends and family alike breathed a sight of relief that baby Morlan is not due to arrive until next month. Angie’s husband was out of town on business during the pre-Christmas snow storm; we’re all hoping for a dry and sunny February.Please enjoy this month’s expanded health and wellness section. With raised glasses, we celebrate good health, the New Year and the beginning of the NFH’s fourth year. Thanks for your support! See you Jan. 20.

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