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Labor Day Weekend. For some, the holiday signals the end of summer, the end of vacations and fun, the end of flower and vegetable gardens – the end. Generally speaking, it’s a downer for some.I beg to differ. I love September. The weather starts to cool down, the peaches are perfect, the fresh vegetables are nearly as sweet as the fruit, and the smell of roasting chilies fills the air at the farmer’s markets on Saturdays. And, the kids are back in school, which means back to a routine, finally.It almost feels like a new year when the weather changes, so once again we at The New Falcon Herald ask ourselves, “What can we do to become an even better publication?”Michelle spent time at the Falcon Festival in July and took the opportunity to survey people who stopped by the NFH booth, asking them about their favorite features and columns. She also asked the visitors to write down new ideas about what they would like to read in the newspaper.The results from 64 respondents indicate our readers like the Community Calendar, the travel column, Face to Face, Streetwise, What’s Happening in Black Forest, Historical Perspectives and Monkey Business the most. Close behind: Health and Wellness, Prairie Tales and Rumors. Only a handful suggested new features like recipes, kid stuff, world news and more sports.As a monthly publication, it can be a challenge to bring our readers timely local news, but we try to bring you in-depth stories of interest and some light-hearted fun reading.However, we need your input. So, we ask you, our readers: What do you like best in the newspaper? What do you like the least? What would you like to see?We want to hear from you!So, while you are searching the Internet for 50 different ways to prepare zucchini squash or how to protect your flowers from the first frost, drop us a line about what’s on your mind at or call 719-487-8037.Have a wonderful fall, and may you enjoy the bountiful harvest and beautiful weather Colorado has to offer!– Deb, Michelle and the NFH team

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