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Someone once said, “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” If you’ve ever had an exceptionally good teacher, you’ve probably seen this for yourself. One thing most of us can agree on is that our teachers are passionate about what they do; they’re certainly not in it for prestige or money.A Colorado teacher’s starting salary is about $35,000 and the average teacher salary nationwide is $54,319. On top of earning low salaries, teachers spend an average of $400 per year of their own money on supplies for their classrooms and students.It was not always like this. In ancient times, teachers were highly valued members of society – on the same level as royalty or government officials. “Learned” men like priests and prophets handed down their worldly knowledge to younger generations. Those teachers were respected and appreciated for the wisdom they had gained throughout the years.Today, teachers could argue that their position in society is not so regal. Most of us would agree that teachers aren’t given the same noble status today as they were in the past. Talk to a teacher or an administrator today and they will tell you about the lack of respect they receive in the classroom and from parents alike.Unfortunately, our attitude and lack of support for teachers may be starting to hurt our kids. Many teachers are opting out of teaching for more lucrative opportunities and better working conditions.

  • About half of all teachers entering the profession leave within the first five years (National Commission on Teaching report).
  • More than half of new teachers (five years or less) in urban areas leave the profession within three years.
  • About one-quarter of math and science teachers leave the profession yearly – for retirement or another field of employment.
  • California, Iowa and New York face teacher shortages. In California, 18,000 teachers leave the profession each year, citing low pay and unfavorable conditions. The latter includes unreliable assistance from districts, lack of support and not enough support from students’ parents.
Giving an apple to a teacher originated as a simple way to show appreciation for teachers who were not paid well. It’s believed that the fruit’s health benefits meant that a teacher was valued. Maybe today we should give them an apple along with a check for a few dollars to help them purchase supplies. At least it’s a start.Thanks to our teachers and school administrators for what you do for our kids and our community – have a great school year!Deb, Michelle and the NFH team

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