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The October calendar is filled with a plethora of national observances. Throughout the year, these highlighted dates remind the public to recognize the plight of others, to have a sense of humor, and to become involved in one’s community. Health care, education, activism and volunteerism are all encouraged as the calendar presents specially recognized observances.Several of the articles featured in this edition of The New Falcon Herald relay the significance of national observances. The first week in October is National Newspaper week, after all.National Adopt a Shelter Dog is recognized this month, and Roberta Redford writes about the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary. Kathleen Wallace features the plight of wildlife during National Animal Safety and Awareness month.With Election Day right around the corner, Kathleen also writes about local election campaign practices. Freedom of Speech week is recognized Oct. 13-19.Featured NFH columnists also address important topics observed this month. Dr. Kent Herbert’s column regarding flu shots reiterates the importance of Infection Prevention Week, observed Oct. 12 -18. And, columnist Alex Donnell offers financial planning advice, which is timely as National Financial Planning week is recognized Oct. 6-12.Also, as World Blindness Awareness month is recognized, check out a service that a local optometrist offers the community.And, depending on your state of mind this month, you have the option to observe either National Sarcastic or National Positive Attitude month. Who cares about observances in October, anyway? It’s just another month, although it does present an opportunity to reflect on the positive ways to make a difference in your and– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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