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Excitement is in the air. For the past couple of weeks, millions of Americans have been transfixed to their TVs, cheering American athletes to victory during the Summer Olympics and rooting for their favorite presidential candidate during the Democratic and Republican national conventions.Many of us have marveled as we watch athletes from around the world compete in the Olympic Games. As countries gathered in Beijing, China, the sense of isolation regressed and unity emerged. We were able to see our fellow humans as people, rather than political ideologies.The congratulatory embraces and words of encouragement we witnessed among athletes were not only directed to one’s own country but also to athletes from other countries. It became a time to play and celebrate the unique but uniting differences we all possess.In this issue of The New Falcon Herald, Angie Morlan polls Falcon residents about the Beijing Olympics.Closer to home, Americans once again celebrated the uniqueness of our country during the Democratic and Republican national conventions. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or somewhere in between, the DNC, which was held in Denver, put a spotlight on our state, which the nation witnessed as a part of Colorado history.Kathleen Wallace relates her experience as a bystander at the DNC.The Olympic Games and national conventions brought people together on a local and global level. As Americans, we do not always agree on topics, but that is the beauty of being an American. We are given the opportunity to gather together but think differently.– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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