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Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “community” as “the people who live in a particular place or region and usually are linked by some common interests.”No matter what the characteristics of a particular community – small or large, rural or urban – a common thread can be woven to make a particular place or region into a community. That common thread tends to be its members. In this issue, a sense of community in Falcon is demonstrated by planned local activities, the participation of civic groups, Falcon School District 49, a strong presence of businesses and the service of county and state governments.Natalie Gowen reports on local neighborhoods that have outlined plans to deter crime and raise public safety awareness. She also updates readers about D 49 happenings, including changes on the school board and computer use in classrooms.What does it take for a community to acquire a full-service post office? Judi Tobias investigates recent attempts to add a full-service post office to Falcon. Future community land development is also a hot topic highlighted this month, which makes some residents cringe, while others enthusiastically embrace the growth.And Kathy Wallace reports on water and land use issues – both of which continue to directly affect every Falcon resident. Kathy also updates readers about the status of an open space park at Corral Bluffs, with residents still divided on the future of the land development.Be sure to check out the local advertisers, too.Molding a particular place or region into a community can present its challenges, but as residents work together that common thread can become a strong bond.-Stefani, Michelle and the NFH teamCLARIFICATION:Since publication of “Eastonville – the town that disappeared,” in the May 17-June 6, 2008 issue, The New Falcon Herald has learned the trolley car featured in the photograph was actually placed on the property and was not stranded by the 1935 flood.

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