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There are times we look outside this time of year and think to ourselves, what’s so funny about this? Beginning with All Fool’s Day on April 1, the month of April was coined National Humor Month back in 1976 by humorist Larry Wilde. Wilde says it’s a time when we should discover the pleasures and value of laughter in our lives. Science has proven that laughter is a significant factor in reducing stress and promoting healing. Laughter can be great therapy. Do you remember how you felt the last time you laughed until you cried? Well, maybe it wasn’t about the weather.The world of journalism can be quite serious sometimes, but during April the NFH team may show its funny side from time to time. Have you read the classifieds lately? You might want to check out a new job, a new car to purchase or maybe find a used toaster!It’s also a perfect time for a party. We’re inviting our advertisers and other folks who have supported the paper for the last five years to an Advertiser Appreciation Night on April 24. The Flying W Wranglers will be performing and Michelle will be rustling up some grub. If you haven’t received your invitation, call us at 719-683-7292, and if you have, call to let us know if you’re coming (Michelle needs to know when to start cooking).You may have noticed some articles recently written by Natalie Gowen, our newest staff writer. Natalie moved to Falcon from Idaho with her husband and children. She has a degree in political science and also teaches piano lessons. We are excited she has joined the team.A few of our writers have been traveling recently, including a couple of them abroad (Portugal and Ireland). Maybe they’ll share some stories of their travels in upcoming issues of the NFH.Don’t forget to have a laugh or two today!

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