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Are you a Coloradoan or Coloradan? This has been a recent topic of discussion at The New Falcon Herald. If you Google the term, it comes up both ways; and we’ve all read it and heard it both ways. Kathy Hare uses Coloradan in her Wild Hare column and Stefani Wiest uses Coloradoan in her article about a local law student who is initiating a pro-life amendment. Let us hear from you and help us settle the argument – is it Coloradoan or Coloradan? E-mail us at through Falcon, we’ve all seen the extent of new development. Fleur Bradley reports on new businesses that have opened in the last couple of weeks as well as those expected to open soon. Fleur has accepted the assignment to keep a watchful eye on new businesses coming to Falcon, and we expect this will keep her quite busy!If you’re tired of paying high utility bills in the winter, Kathleen Wallace provides information on cost saving measures for water heaters. And if you’re just plain sick of the cold, she also reports on how to sell your house quickly (so you can head south?)!Kathy Hare gets us thinking about politics again in Wild Hare, as she educates us on how to get involved in the caucus system. It’s an excellent way to have your voice heard.We congratulate Amy Lathen on her recent appointment as county commissioner, replacing Douglas Bruce. We wish her the best of luck in her new position.See you in two weeks!-Deb, Michelle and the NFH team

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