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As kids, Labor Day signaled the end of summer vacation – the last hurrah before school started. Of course, school starts much sooner today than it did years ago, but Labor Day is still the summer’s finale. Lazy days at the pool and playing B-ball in the streets until dark (do kids still do that?) are a mere memory. As the sun begins to fade into the mountains before dinner, as the nights get a little chillier, as the Aspens turn a shimmering gold; we are reminded how quickly seasons come and go.We hope you’ve had a great summer. Fall is an awesome time in Colorado. The crisp air and clear, blue skies bring new energy and fresh contemplation. As the NFH winds down its fourth year in circulation, we are anticipating a few changes – all for the better.We’re looking at upgrading our Web site, bringing in a few new faces and introducing some special pullout sections. We’ll keep you informed, and we hope we keep you interested.Our feature article this month is one that NFH writer Kathy Hare has been working on for months. Kathy first noted the vast poverty on the eastern plains when she followed up on the Calhan animal abuse story.Poverty is real. Generational poverty is a sad commentary on the human spirit. How do we bolster our families and provide better opportunities for our children?Situational poverty is like a flash in the pan for some individuals and families. All it takes for most middle-class Americans to end up in a financial disaster is one medical emergency.Thanks to the families who shared their story with us, and thanks to the people who spend their life helping those in need.Happy Birthday to Erica Whitcombe, who writes our horse column. She’ll turn _ _ Aug. 31!OK, enjoy your summer finale. We’ll see you Sept. 15.– Michelle, Marylou & the team

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